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Sharon our Registered Manager

at Mead House

Everyone at Mead House acknowledges that the extraordinarily warm, nurturing and trusting relationships between all form the foundation of our success.  We aim to enable emotional growth to re-integrate the young people into the community through residential, educational and social opportunities.  We work to develop the young people’s ability to make successful choices and decisions, to take responsibility and to move towards independence within their individual limitations from a secure and stable base.

By addressing the needs of the whole child through a balance of behavioural techniques and attachment theory, we seek to affect a progressive and continuing behaviour change and to facilitate emotional development.  Defined structures and boundaries, provided by trusted adults, enable young people to experience relationships of warmth, approval and mutual respect.  Staff encourage young people to develop a sense of self and individual identity.  Young people are encouraged to be actively involved in the development of their home.

 What people say about Mead House

Current Resident

“Staff are good at helping you with things you don’t understand”

Current Resident

“I really like my bedroom”

Social Worker

x can have very challenging behaviour, including aggressiveness towards staff.  However in his placement this has now greatly reduced, and there are now very few incidents of x needing to be restrained.  I think this is largely due to the therapeutic approach and effectiveness of the direct work from placement staff with x allowing him to stabilise and become calmer

It's probably an understatement to say it isn't at all easy at times...!  So thank you to Sharon, Helen and the team for all of their hard work.

Current Resident

“Staff are good at their jobs and good at looking after us”

Social Worker

I feel like x is in really safe hands and that placement staff are dedicated and committed to him.  This is very reassuring as his social worker, particularly as I am far away in Hackney.  They accept x's challenges and continue to support him without judgement, promoting his interests and advocating for him.  Their professional, transparent and caring approach is working to allow x to settle and he appears held and supported.  


“We are very happy with the way Sharon and her team have dealt with xxxx.  Since he has been there I have seen a change.  I am very happy and grateful.  Thank you very much”

Working in close partnership with families and those involved with the welfare of    each young person, we maintain open and honest communication to build trust and understanding.  The emotional and physical safety of each child is paramount, as some may have lived through abusive and damaging experiences.  Mead House embraces transparent practice and invites constructive feedback from young people, families and professionals in order to continually develop and improve the service offered to young people.