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Argyll House is situated in the picturesque seaside town of Cromer, With numerous coastal walks and days out on our doorstep. We at Argyll House provide a safe, nurturing and therapeutic environment, for young people in care.


Our staff team offer the highest quality of care to children and young people with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. Each child's individual needs are met from designing their rooms to bespoke key working packages, we like to provide a homely environment and a family feel.


At Argyll we have on site education and have sourced outside therapeutic resources to meet a young persons needs quickly in order to give them the best care possible. We also encourage young people to become more independent through activities such as surfing, biking and bouldering. With a fully trained bouldering coach, lifeguard, nutritional therapist and musician amongst other skills our staff are never short of offering fun and active activities for all abilities.


We believe in giving young people the opportunities they deserve and fully support them in their thoughts, feelings and wishes. By addressing the needs of the whole child and working within a secure base model of care, young people can  learn to value themselves and others and achieve their full potential.


Our outcome is to nurture the young people so they are able to be successful in all aspects of their lives and move on to live independent and wholesome lives within the community.

What a current young resident says about Argyll House - " Staff are very like-able, when I am here I feel safe and supported" 


What a former young resident has said about Argyll House - " You have made me a stronger person, you knew I could! I am such a better person and mum to my daughter, thanks to your help and support" 


What a current social worker says about Argyll House - " I would rate this home as outstanding, the staff have gone above and beyond to make my YP feel loved and secure" FR 

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