Meet David Pound- Our Head of Care and RI

Hi everyone

My name is David Pound and I have recently joined The Ryes College as Head of Care and RI.

I have worked in a variety of care settings for the last 27 years which includes adult mental health and a variety of residential and supported living settings for adults with various learning difficulties.

Since 2005 I have been working within a therapeutic community for children and young people with emotional and behavioural difficulties. Their difficulties were generally as a result of their early life trauma and all have suffered some kind of deprivation and or abuse before they came in to our care.

For the last 6 years I have been working as the Registered Manager and Director, and qualified as a Psycho-therapeutic Councillor registered with the UKCP some years ago.

I feel passionately that children and young people deserve to be safe and secure in their environments and to be cared for in a way that enables them to grow emotionally. One of my aims is to help the Managers at the homes within The Ryes to continue to support the young people in a way that enhances their experiences, keeps them safe and helps them to be able to envisage a future where it feels possible to thrive.

I believe that with the right input, patience and care it is possible to heal and flourish.  I envisage The Ryes being where the young people in our care can say that whatever happened and however difficult things became, they stuck with me and continued to care. Within this it is also crucial that we provide an environment where the young people and those caring for them can feel comfortable and valued. Wherever possible we will promote the young people’s relationships with their families and try to rebuild that connection where suitable to do so and our staff  have the skills to facilitate this.

I very much look forward to working with everyone at The Ryes and supporting our children and young people to a strong and emotionally secure future.

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