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The Ryes provides a secure base from which young people can build a meaningful life from

Welcome to Ryes Care


The Ryes provides safe, nurturing, family homes for children and young people. We place an emphasis on creating a warm and supportive environment with clear boundaries, enabling young people to feel valued and develop trust.

Young people come to us with a variety of difficulties and challenges including moderate learning disabilities, Asperger's syndrome, disorders on the autistic spectrum, ADHD, ODD and other disorders of emotion and behaviour, which can severely impact upon their capacity to form meaningful relationships, and to access education and learning


Each young person will require varying levels of support to maintain and promote their psychological and emotional growth. Our therapeutic approach is framed by the Secure Base Model (Schofield & Beek, 2014), promoting attachment and resilience, which serves well those children and young people coming into our services who may have experienced backgrounds of abuse, neglect, separation and loss, social and cognitive challenges in learning - and require specialist therapeutic caregiving.


The therapeutic approaches employed at The Ryes is supported by staff who are trained and clinically experienced in working with children and adolescents.


Our practices are informed (and clinically supervised) by understanding childhood development and attachment; psycho-dynamic, psychoanalytic, humanistic, cognitive behavioural and systemic theories, and the Positive Behaviour Support Model.

We use the principles of a Therapeutic Community within our homes and the wider organisation to develop social responsibility, develop meaningful relationships and to be valued as part of a wider group. The task of the therapeutic community is to recreate a network of close relationships, much like a family, in which deeply ingrained behavioural patterns, negative cognitions and adverse emotions can be re-learned.

We have homes in Suffolk and Norfolk, all having access to our Education provisions.

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Ryes Care and Ryes Education use the Secure Base model (as developed by Gillian Schofield and Mary Beek in the Centre for Research on Children and Families, UEA).

We attend regular network meetings facilitated by Gillian and Mary to develop work practices and the implementation of the model.